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We started our activity in 2007 with a small fishing boat. Soon we wanted to offer something more to our guests, more quality and more comfort – so in 2014 we decided to buy a new boat, “Nettuno 2”. With its length of 10,00m, its width of 3,40m and facilities such as a roof as sun protection, a toilet, a fridge and a kitchenette it offers a maximum of comfort for all kinds of excursions!



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Daniele Greco
Shipowner and Skipper


Everything is ready to set sail, if you want to fish or just relax on board or even enjoy a special

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The embarkment starts at 09:30am in the morning and at 04:00pm in the afternoon at the harbor of Vibo Marina. Leaving the harbor we will follow the fantastic coastline in the direction of Pizzo, the city that is enthroned on a 40m high tufa-rock and which is a perfect placec to great souvenir photos! Thereafter we will head to some of our fishing spots and we invite everybody to fish with us - the whole equipment is on board and of course our captain will give you a professional instruction! Who does not want to fish, can relax under the sun and enjoy the panoramic view on the Costa degli Dei (the „Coast of the Gods”) in the meantime. Our excursions also include 1-2  stops to have a bath in the crystal clear sea and to explore the sealife before we will be back in the harbor around 12:40am respectively at 07:40pm.

Pass unforgettable hours with a real Calabrian fisherman - the speciose waters of the Gulf of Sat'Eufemia will be a real fun! The embarkment starts at 09:30am  and 04:00om at the harbor of Vibo Marina. Once we left the harbor we will head to several fishing spots or, depending on the season we will do some trolling. The whole fishing equipment is provided by us and our experienced captain will give you a professional introduction! After 3-4 hours we will be back in the harbor.
On request we also organize professional tours for fishing with fishing nets, bow nets and/or longlines.

At 06:00pm we start the embarkment at the harbor of Vibo Marina. During our tour along the coastline you can gaze at the amazing lush cliffline untill we reach the city of Pizzo that is situated on a high rock 40m above the sea level. Once arrived at the famous cave-chapel "Piedigrotta" we will anchor and you can enjoy the turquoise water for a refreshing bath in the sea.  Afterwards we will head to a panoramic spot between the cities of Vibo Marina and Pizzo. While enjoying the panoramic view we will prepare an appetizer of local specialities for you - do not forget you camera, as the hours before the sunset offers the best light for gorgeous souvenir photos! With the view on the sunset we will go back to the harbor of Vibo Marina where we will arrive around 09:00pm. 

  • Transfer: on request we organise the transfer from your accomodation to the harbor and back.
  • Full-day Excursions to the so called "divers paradise" and tropea
  • BBQ on board
  • Birthdays, stag nights, ecc.
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Praticable techniques



This is an off boat fishing method, which can be praticed either along the coastline or at  a depth between 25m up to 80m. For getting the best results you have to stop the boat over reefs and rock formations or wrecks.  The lure, consisting of pieces of sardine or shrimp is lowered to the sea bottom. Therefore, this technique is used usually to fish razorfish, sole fish and weever.

Surface/bottom Trolling

... means, that the lure is dragged behind the moving boat to stimulate the aggressiveness of predators like tuna, dorado or amberjack. Often they do not bite because they are hungry, but due to their instinctual behaviour and aggressiveness.

Longline fishing

Between two buoys that are ancored, you stretch a fishing line which can be up to 1.000m long. After every five metres you fix a hook. This line can be laied out as well at the surface (to fish for swordfish, tuna or dorado) as at the sea bottom (to fish for jewfish and bream). Lures for this fishing technique are sardine at the surface and calamary at the bottom.

light drifting

... is a special technique to get the fish, which is already at the hook, onboard as fast as possible. You especially use light drifting to fish above a reef and between rock formations to avoid a rupture of the fishing line by fish who try to hide under rocks. To gain good results you have to use living lures.


Below swimming items like buoys you often find dorado. The best technique to capture them is the spinning – which means that you cast an artificial and reflecting minnow and reel it in immediately.

Fishing nets and bow nets

For professional fishing with nets we use drift nets, which are not anchored, but drifting with the current. Normally the nets will be put in the water in the late afternoon and reeled the next morning.
Bow nets or fish traps instead, will last for more time in the water. They are traps with some bait inside, that allow the fish to enter, but not to get out again.








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